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  • The road to the FH‑DCE Super Rally® 2017 leads you to Brno, the second largest city in the Czech Republic. The landmark, the legendary “Brno Dragon”, will guard our FH‑DCE Super Rally® 2017. On the edge of this culturally rich city is located the famous Grand Prix Circuit race track, where in the ’70s, Walter Villa, a friend of our club, has celebrated sensational success on his Harley-Davidson.

  • In 1963, six Harley‑Davidson riders founded the H‑D Club Brno. They had no idea that the number of members would multiply and that the tradition of the club connected to the famous Harley-Davidson brand would survive more than half a century. Some of the founding members, who are still active today, were also at the cradle of the founding of the FH‑DCE. Their legendary ideal of the ’60s – ”gliding through the countryside with my Harley-Davidson” – accompanied us after more than 50 years, even to the FH‑DCE Super Rally® 2017.

  • In the famous natural and historical area Pálava (30 km south of Brno), in the middle of the vineyards, the huge reservoir of Musov is located. The campside „Autokemp ATC Merkur Pasohlávky“ stretches along its banks. An area of about 40 hectares awaits us with the national cuisine, the famous Pilsner beer, good music, water sports, thermal bath, “gliding through the countryside” and especially enjoy your time with new and old friends on the FH‑DCE Super Rally® 2017.
GPS 48°54'1.360''N 16°34'10.9712''E
Distance to Pasohlavky from:
Amsterdam 1 120 km
Athens 1 790 km
Barcelona 1 920 km
Berlin 580 km
Bern 960 km
Bratislava 130 km
Bruxelles 1 100 km
Budapest 320 km
Bukarest 1 140 km
Dublin 2 100 km
Hamburg 870 km
Helsinki 1 630 km
Kopenhagen 1 040 km
Lisabon 2 930 km
Ljubljana 470 km
London 1 500 km
Luxembourg 970 km
Milano 960 km
Nikosia  2 670 km
Oslo 1 630 km
Paris 1 250 km
Praha 230 km
Riga 1 250 km
Sofia 1 080 km
Stockholm 1 600 km
Tallin 1 550 km
Valletta 2 670 km
Vilnius 1 030 km
Warszawa 580 km
Wien 100 km
Wiesbaden 770 km
Wroclaw 430 km
Zagreb 460 km

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