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How do I enter the Super Rally Area? 

At the control checkpoint in front of the entrance area, you are obliged to remove the helmet. 
After successful control, you can proceed to the main gate where you can enter the Super Rally Area. 

What about alcohol and driving? 

When operating a motor vehicle, the legal alcohol limit is 0,00 ‰ and it will be enforced! 

Can I bring my drugs and smoke joints?

NO! Note that any kind of drugs are strictly prohibited within the Super Rally area, be aware that Czech Police will show no mercy! 

Can I bring my gun and/or a big knife?

NO! Weapons and knifes (more than 8 cm in length) are NOT allowed in Czech Republic. 

Is it ok to ride my bike without a helmet in Czech Republic? 

NO! When riding a motorcycle, you must always wear a helmet! It is compulsory by law.


Latety, on similar events, there has been a number of thefts. 
The thiefs cut open the tents, take clothings and look for wallets and purses. 
Please pay attention to your money and credit card. Our Security can’t be everywhere. 


Can we pay the entrance ticket with credit card?

NO credit cards will be accepted.  ONLY CASH. 
FH-DCE Super Rally® 2017 is a Harley-Davidson event, however anybody can access the party and camping areas. 

Only Harley-Davidson, Buell and Indian Motorcycles have access to the camping area! 

Cars, vans, trucks, etc. must be parked outside, on a special parking area. 

The camping area will be opened from 31st of Mai 2017 03:00 pm until 4th of June 2017 12:00 am. 


How much is a beer? 

1 beer of 0,5 liters will cost 2,50 €

With what currency do we pay at the FH-DCE Super Rally®? 

The currency at the Super Rally area is Euro and Czech krone. 

Do you have handicapped toilets? 

Yes, there are in the area. 

Any special parking rules on camp ground? 

No, just park in a way, that you don’t bother other people and don’t obstruct the roads and passage ways. 

How about banners or flags? 

Yes, no problem, just bring them and make yourself visible. 

Can I bring my dog to the Super Rally? 

Sorry, no dogs allowed on the camp ground. 

Can we have a campfire at our tent or bungalow?

Sorry, but this is prohibited. 

How do I bring my luggage to the Area from the car parking? 

We will have personnel with a trailer at the car parking near the Exit. They will transport your luggage.

Do you sell FH-DCE Super Rally® 2017 merchandise? 

Yes, our shop is located in the large tent of H-DC BRNO.